The People back in the studio

The People will be back in the studio Friday 27th March to record The EP "Who Are The People" for Ragtime Production music label!This will be featuring some of my favourite musicians.The sultry voice of Verity Guthrie, the warmth of…


Latest Video Production!

This is the latest of my music video productions! Check this brilliant performance of Flashes by super talented guitarist Aliocha Thevenet and arranged by Ry Cooder.


New Video with Oriana and the Charmers

This is my latest video of Oriana and the Charmers  ahead of our gig for FREEDOM with HP, Oriana Guarino and Aliocha Thevenet. We only had 25 min to record both tunes after some of the musicians got stuck in…

FREEDOM event in Paris

Hello Parisien friends. I will be performing on Sunday under the Eiffel tower !!


New Video production for Maria Palatine

This is my latest video production with François Legrain at Ragtime production. Maria Palatine 's single "Chanson pour décolérer "can be dowloaded on Itunes ,Amazon etc 

New Jazz band

You will now see me performing with this new setting!


Video Production for BEYOND!!

This is the latest video that I designed and produced for the "experience" agency BEYOND I highly recommend them by the way, They are just amazing! I recorded the soundtrack in my studio in Maida Vale and it features…