Cedric Pytel

This is the latest video and soundtrack that I designed & produced  for the "experience" agency BEYOND I highly recommend them by the way, They are just amazing! I recorded the soundtrack in my studio in Maida Vale and it features Stefanie Cayless' s voice. It was good fun to make especially filming people's eyes. So thank you for all of you who lend me your eyes :-) Scroll down for further examples of sync....

I have been filming this beautiful Imperial Eagle called Darchan flying over London with the Freedom crew. It is now been broadcasted on BBC world news!http://bbc.in/1wY1U1p

 This is a promotion video I made for trumpetmania music school in Brussels.


The following videos are all extracts of the Ocean experience multimedia show.I composed and produced the music in partnership with David Steward. It was projected HD accross Europe on big cinema screens and the music was performed live by the Band Kerr. The video and image editing has been done by the Antinea editing team in Switzerland.

Extract 1

Extract 2

Extract 3

Extract 4

Extract 5